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Boost retail sales with trusted omnichannel military discounts

Our retail military marketing solutions ensure your military offers are promoted across all channels to produce incremental revenue.

Our retail marketing solutions power your military discount with a secure and outstanding customer experience.

Step 1

Securely verify your military customer eligibility to avoid offer fraud or dilution.

Step 2

Enjoy higher sales conversions with seamless redemption of your military discount.

Step 3

Earn greater customer satisfaction and repeat transactions with your trusted military discount.

Retail Success Stories with Veterans Advantage (now WeSalute)


Through its 7Rewards mobile app, 7-Eleven connects through our APIs to get real time member status to offer points acceleration incentives. The points can be redeemed on free or discounted items.

This process, in essence, makes 7Rewards points a “currency” for rewarding our members with bonus points.

With 7-Eleven - Our premium members get 1000 points per $10+ purchase, and 300 points for basic members. The premium offer amounts to a 10% discount when users redeem points, and is stacked with points earned through general public offers.

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In 2010, 1-800-Flowers sought to enhance its retail marketing strategy by creating an exclusive military discount. The 1-800-Flowers team partnered with WeSalute, founded as Veterans Advantage, to create a new retail solution that would extend its 30% employee discount to active duty military, veterans and a 25% to their family members, who are subscribers to our paid program. 

1-800-Flowers has recently expanded its offerings to include 20% OFF 1-800-Flowers purchases for our free subscriber base. Once a customer uses our military verification services to confirm customer eligibility, the military discount can be redeemed online or by phone across the entire family of 1-800-Flowers ...

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In 2012, CVS wanted to drive more qualified military and veteran traffic to its online store at The CVS team partnered with WeSalute, founded as Veterans Advantage, to create a 10% off exclusive military discount.

Due to the success of its initial campaign, CVS increased its savings discount to 20% OFF every online purchase, and now 25% OFF online with in-store pickup. The new military offer is available year-round and is fully stackable with other product promotions.

CVS promotes new member enrollment for its offer online at Once the military customer is enrolled, the military discount is automatically applied to their online store purchases. No coupon code is ...

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