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In 2012, CVS wanted to drive more qualified military and veteran traffic to its online store at The CVS team partnered with WeSalute, founded as Veterans Advantage, to create a 10% off exclusive military discount.

Due to the success of its initial campaign, CVS increased its savings discount to 20% OFF every online purchase, and now 25% OFF online with in-store pickup. The new military offer is available year-round and is fully stackable with other product promotions.

CVS promotes new member enrollment for its offer online at Once the military customer is enrolled, the military discount is automatically applied to their online store purchases. No coupon code is necessary.

WeSalute hosts access to as a private store in the WeSalute Marketplace. CVS customers are qualified through our military verification services before they can shop. We provide secure redemption that prevents fraud and discount dilution while delivering an outstanding CVS military customer experience.